CytoMAP Version 1.4.4


CytoMAP version 1.4.4 is now live. Download it as a MATLAB app, or a standalone compiled version.

Changes for this version include:

  • Increased functionality of Annotate Regions and Annotate Clusters.
    • Annotate Clusters Can now use a channel to gate on cells. This is useful of you import multiple cell types with one .csv file containing a classification channel. See the walkthrough video here.
    • Both Annotation methods now auto-populate with the number of expected annotation fields.
  • Moved annotation extensions to the main CytoMAP GUI.
  • Added better labels to the cell_heatmaps extension’s plots
  • Completely re-worked the Cellularity function, which plots cell numbers.
    • Added stacked bar graph of cellular composition by sample
    • This function now records the volume imaged in the sample metadata, so that it does not need to be calculated every time you run cells/image area.

Load Multiple Samples