CytoMAP Version 1.4.20


CytoMAP version 1.4.20 is now live. Download it as a MATLAB app, or a standalone compiled version.

Changes for this version include:

  • Fixed a bug in plotting neighborhoods when you made new cell types after defining neighborhoods

  • Fixed calculate distance to regions so it works for CCN

  • Updated logo

  • Added Highlight Neighborhoods feature in figures

    • When cells are plotted with a clustered model on the color axis selecting this options will make a new plot that plots all of the cells in a selection of neighborhoods of the selected type.

Load Multiple Samples

  • Added the extension Cell_Density_Model_V1

    • This extension can be used to plot the number of cells vs. distance and fits this with two gaussian functions. By editing the extension one could fit cell number versus distance data with various functions.