CytoMAP Version 1.4.19


CytoMAP version 1.4.19 is now live. Download it as a MATLAB app, or a standalone compiled version.

Changes for this version include:

  • Added an option to replace missing values with either NaNs or numbers when loading tables.
  • Added the extension Invert_All_Y_Axes.m
    • This extension will invert the Y axis on all currently open plots. This is useful when you want to compare the X-Y position plots of cells for a large number of samples to images if the images have the Y=0 intercept in the top left of the image instead of the bottom left, as it is in MATLAB.
  • Added the extension Binned_Plots.m
    • This extension lets you generate, for multiple cells and samples, an X by Y plot with user selected X and Y axes. This then overlays a line that is averaged over user defined bins along the X axis. You can then export the data from this plot resulting in a .csv file with the number of cells and average Y value of all of the cells in each bin along the X axis. If the X axis is distance, this finds the average Y value for various distance segments.